The GBBF or Gordon’s Bay Business Forum was founded on 10th July 2010, Danie Miller was elected as Chairman.

”It is my vision for all local Business Owner’s to make an active effort to support each others business’s. This is the way forward for us to grow our business’s with success! Statistics have shown that by supporting local business there is an inward flow of currency/capital to that area. Hence, the area benefits financially as money flows within and to that area. The opposite happens when spending or searching for products and services OUTSIDE of the local business area.

If we all make a concerted effort to support our local Entrepreneurs it will directly uplift and benefit our geographical area. ‘Support Local’ and Gordon s Bay and its people will reap the rewards. Lets pull together for the good of our beautiful town” Danie Miller

For more information please visit the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum Website HERE.