Matrimonial Law and Family Law cover all aspects of marriage and family from before the wedding and also applies to those who are contemplating divorce or are divorced.

Are you currently engaged and planning on getting married? We can provide you with expert advice on Antenuptial Contracts and Matrimonial Systems. Our team will be happy to assist and advise couples contemplating marriage to prepare you both for a secure future together. Visit our offices where we will assist you in a cost effective, friendly manner where together we can discuss the best options regarding financial planning for the future for you, your spouse and family. Prenuptial contracts that are well chosen and cleverly set up can secure the assets and finances of both parties should any unfortunate incident occur where one of the parties are sued for losses or liability. In our opinion it is wise to always draw up an antenuptial contract as this will secure unforeseen potential risks in the future.


Sadly in our world today there are many cases of pending divorces or marital problems. In case of problems with your marriage, we can help you professionally either with obtaining a Divorce, Mediation, Maintenance issues, as well as resolving of Custody issues.