Are you going on holiday soon? Is your pet part of your family and you want the best care for them while you are away? Please contact us and we will care for your pet-child with love while you are away at the Doggie Hotel in Gordon’s Bay.

Our Doggie Hotel is centrally located in Somerset West in the area just behind the Vergelegen Medi Clinic Hospital, in Abbey Road.We have a top security home surrounded by a solid 10 foot high wall. Your pet will be treated as if its part of our family and loved, cared for and groomed while you are away. We recommend owners bring their own Doggie’s beds and blankets as this helps your pooch feel secure. We will make sure your pet gets their daily walk, is talked to, loved and played with. If your pet is on any medication or has any special needs we will gladly cater for their special needs. We most certainly offer more than any kennel would and make sure your pet never feels abandoned or homesick.

Having two dogs of our own, we know that going away for any length of time, can cause stress and anxiety to both dogs and their owners. Having used kennels in the past, we felt that they did not offer a personal and comforting environment. We wanted to offer an environment that any dog and owner would recognise as being a comfortable home alternative whilst giving the owner peace of mind, and the dog the freedom and ability to enjoy themselves whilst being away from their owners.

At the Doggie Hotel we offer :

Constant access to secured walled garden at all times (weather permitting).
A daily walk per day (dependent on age and fitness of dog).
Flexibility to suit the needs of individual dogs.
Boarding facilities for most breeds of dog, small and medium size are welcome!
Boarding for just a day or longer to suit your requirements.
An optional introductory visit for you and your dog.
A true home from home experience for your dog.
A Doggie Chauffeur service to bring your Dog-child safely home to you. (Ask us to quote)

Bath your dog (optional grooming – ask us to quote!)

Our philosophy at the Doggie Hotel is to create as much of your dog’s home environment as possible. We have created rooms which are big and bright, with plenty of space for even the largest dogs to bound around in with us.

Our extremely comfortable surroundings are no accident – they are specially designed to make everyone relax. From ourselves to visitors, the calm and happy atmosphere has a knock-on effect on every single dog that stays with us as a guest. Dogs immediately sense the relaxed environment and available home comforts.We believe the minimum requirements are just not good enough. We know that regular human contact and play is very beneficial, so our Doggie-guests are taken out several times a day, between the hours of 7am and 9pm. Your dog will have their own favourite activities, and we feel that it is essential to provide this for their well-being. For example, if you have a cuddle or treat after your evening walk, we will naturally do the same.
The amount of exercise is dependent on your dog’s needs and is done on an individual basis. We will establish this information from you when we meet you and take special notes. For guests that like a longer walk, we include on-the-lead walks along a large field (which dogs love to explore!) to enjoy the fresh sea air. Off-the-lead exercise is so important for dogs, who love the freedom to run and play, this will be a daily part of their stay at Carol’s Doggie Hotel.

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We prefer not to exercise dogs together (other than family members) choosing instead to give all our love and attention to your dog as you would at home. Off-lead they can race around the trees in our secure beautiful garden chasing after balls or simply running around. This off-the-lead area is made safe with our 10ft high security wall that surrounds our property.

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