According to wikipedia Commercial Law or Business Law refers to all laws applying to the rights, relations and conducts of businesses or people engaged in any form of trade, selling, merchandising or commerce. This field of law therefore includes all laws that govern transactions between any business entities or parties. Have you recently encountered a dispute with a business partner? Is there a business contract you signed and need assistance with just to understand your rights? Business contracts are vitally important. Should you need a new contract set up between partners and future business partners our legal team can assist you to draft and draw up a secure business contract.

Our team is on standby to assist you with Commercial Law.

Let us assist you with :

  • Registering or Selling your Company
  • Purchasing or Selling an existing Business
  • Merging your Company with another
  • Registering a trademark for you.

Have you considered franchising your business? According to research this can be a lucrative investment if done correctly. Let us advise you on this investment, what it entails and how best to secure return on investment. If you have any documentation that needs to be submitted abroad we will gladly assist you.